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Introducing Cosmopolitan: A New Urban Village in the Heart of Parramatta - We are thrilled to announce the development approval for The Cosmopolitan, an ambitious project by Deicorp located in Parramatta, NSW. This landmark development will redefine Parramatta’s urban landscape, setting new benchmarks in modern construction and community planning.

The Cosmopolitan will boast two impressive 46-level towers, strategically positioned on the park-side edge of Parramatta’s CBD. This project is set to create a prominent urban landmark, featuring 604 meticulously designed apartments. These apartments will foster a diverse community by seamlessly integrating residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Overlooking the park and adorned with sanctuary gardens, The Cosmopolitan promises a balanced and dynamic living environment.

Designed by the acclaimed TURNER STUDIO, The Cosmopolitan exemplifies state-of-the-art construction and architectural innovation. The development is a parkside mixed-use precinct that harmonizes urban living with serene green spaces. A key structural feature is the raised podium connecting the two towers, forming an elevated courtyard garden known as 'Gully Forest.' This lush green space, combined with inviting retail laneways, establishes The Cosmopolitan as an urban oasis.

Goldfish & Bay is proud to play an integral role in this prestigious project, providing essential hydraulic and fire services. Our engineering expertise ensures that The Cosmopolitan meets the highest standards of safety and sustainability. By incorporating advanced engineering solutions, we enhance both the functionality and resilience of this modern residential development.

Stay tuned for updates on this innovative project featuring prime location and comprehensive amenities, as it becomes a landmark in urban construction and modern living in one of Sydney’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

Project Name: Cosmopolitan
Developer: Deicorp

Photos by Deicorp x TURNER

Goldfish and Bay

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