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Hotel Australasia

Construction Consultants


Goldfish & Bay is proud to announce its involvement in the revitalization of the Australasia Hotel, an iconic establishment nestled in the historic town of Eden, NSW. Erected in 1904, this esteemed hotel boasts a rich heritage, with many of its original features meticulously preserved through a comprehensive restoration process.

As part of our multi-disciplinary approach, Goldfish & Bay has been entrusted to provide top-tier engineering design and solutions, aligning seamlessly with the project's vision and scope. Our commitment to excellence ensures that the essence of the Australasia Hotel is not only preserved but enhanced for generations to come.

From structural enhancements to mechanical systems, our team is dedicated to upholding the integrity of this landmark while infusing modern functionality. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, we are poised to breathe new life into this historic gem, setting a benchmark for quality and craftsmanship in heritage restoration projects. Stay tuned as we embark on this transformative journey to reimagine the Australasia Hotel for the modern era.

Goldfish and Bay

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