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Kings Bay Precinct


Five Dock

Goldfish & Bay is proud to be providing all services for the transformative Kings Bay Precinct, a new residential and mixed-use urban village on Parramatta Road. This project will feature an active main street and strong links to the open space network along Sydney Harbour, with Spencer Street forming the basis of a new local center.

Our comprehensive services will ensure the success of this dynamic development, which includes medium and high-density residential buildings, a green corridor along William Street, and various active transport connections. By 2050, Kings Bay Precinct is projected to house 5,200 residents, provide 2,500 homes, and create 2,900 jobs, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and innovative urban development.

We are excited to contribute to this vibrant community, enhancing connectivity, and creating a thriving urban village that will set a new standard for mixed-use developments in Sydney.

Goldfish and Bay

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