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MAP Project

St Vincent’s Hospital


Matthew Talbot Hostel first opened its doors in Sydney to men experiencing homelessness back in 1938. Since then it has offered thousands of men a place of comfort, support, and the opportunity to receive a hand up out of homelessness. Hostel has expanded and now sleeps 98 people each night and an additional 100 people access the health services provided by the clinic within the hostel.

This project consists of redevelopment of the Matthew Talbot Hostel including the renovation of offices into residential spaces with amendments to lift access and supporting services infrastructure. It is one of the Australia’s first Managed Alcohol Program (MAP) in partnership with St Vincent de Paul. MAP will provide support through a 15-room residential service for individuals in Sydney who have exhausted all treatment options and are eligible. This group of individuals represents an extremely vulnerable cohort with complex needs.

Goldfish and Bay

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