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Melrose Central


Melrose Park

At the heart of Melrose Park, six stunning residential buildings are harmoniously integrated with a lush private communal space, creating a serene yet vibrant community environment.

Located just six kilometers from the Parramatta CBD, Melrose Park is a major urban renewal project situated in Sydney's geographical heart. This expansive $6 billion development spans 30 hectares and will feature approximately 6,000 new apartments, a town center and retail village, community amenities, and significant parklands.

Melrose Park is poised to create 10,000 jobs in construction and over 1,500 permanent new jobs, boosting the local economy and community. Enhanced transport links will include free shuttle buses to train and ferry services, a rapid Metro bus service to Parramatta CBD and Sydney CBD, and a Parramatta Light Rail stop, connecting to the West Metro rail.

Developed by Deicorp, a proudly Australian-owned and operated company with 25 years of experience, and designed by TURNER, a multi-award-winning design firm specializing in architecture and urban, interior, and experiential design, Melrose Park represents the pinnacle of modern urban living.

Goldfish & Bay is proud to be a key contributor to this landmark project, providing all-encompassing services that are essential to the success of Melrose Park. As one of our major projects, we have leveraged our extensive expertise in building design services, including fire, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic services. Our comprehensive approach ensures the highest standards of quality, innovation, and sustainability, making Melrose Park a benchmark in urban development.

Join us as we create a new standard in urban living with Melrose Central, where modern design meets community-centric living. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in every aspect of this transformative project, setting a new benchmark for future developments.

Developer: Deicorp
Architects: TURNER

Photos: by Deicorp x TURNER

Goldfish and Bay

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