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Oakhill College Innovation Hub


Castle Hill

Goldfish & Bay is thrilled to announce our participation in the Oakhill College Innovation Hub development in Castle Hill, where we are providing hydraulic services.

Oakhill College Innovation Hub, a dramatic opening act for the unfolding Oakhill College masterplan, symbolizes transformation, embracing technology as a tool for learning, research, and communication. The building’s purpose is to inspire and empower students to explore new ideas, setting them on a path to becoming knowledge creators and inventors of the future.

The 4300m² center includes high-tech science and computing labs, hybrid workshops (timber, fabrication, and robotics), and multi-purpose indoor and semi-outdoor learning spaces with views of the leafy suburban surroundings. The history as a former farm school resonates through the new development which features natural materials and connections with nature.

The Innovation Hub employs a breakthrough hybrid design using prefabricated mass timber to shorten construction time and minimize environmental impact, setting a sustainable blueprint for future campus developments. Most classrooms had seen few upgrades since the 1970s, and inspiration was drawn from contemporary educational spaces like MLC and Ascham schools. The tours of these schools led to discussions about radical changes and exciting new possibilities.

Impressive but not imposing, the Hub is located at the terminus of Grand Oakhill Drive. The ground floor is a transitory space welcoming the public between two civic buildings—a chapel and cemetery. Partially open to the elements, it serves as a flexible indoor/outdoor learning space and an impressive arrival plaza for assemblies and gatherings. Below, a sunken floor for TAS subjects helps maintain a moderate building height, reducing the impact on neighboring residences.

Developer: FDC
Architects: BVN

Photos by BVN x FDC

Goldfish and Bay

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