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Oxford and Foley



This ambitious redevelopment is set to transform Sydney's iconic Oxford Street, blending 9,200 sq m of architecturally designed commercial and retail spaces with dedicated cultural zones.

We're proud to collaborate with industry leaders like TOGA, AsheMorgan, Growbuilth, and FJMT Studio on this transformative project. Oxford & Foley goes beyond mere construction; it revitalizes heritage buildings and fosters community connections, enhancing pedestrian flow and ground-level engagement.

Stay tuned as we continue shaping Darlinghurst’s future through innovation and thoughtful design at Oxford & Foley. Join us on this exciting journey and witness the evolution of a cornerstone in Sydney’s cityscape.

Project name: Oxford & Foley
Developer: AsheMorgan x TOGA
Builder: Growthbuilt
Architect: FJMT Studio

Video + Photos by Ashe Morgan x TOGA

Goldfish and Bay

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