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Petersham RSL


Petersham NSW

Less than 6km from Sydney's CBD, Petersham is a historic and highly desirable neighborhood in the Inner West, known for its vibrant culinary and bar scene. The Timeout guide describes it as “one of Sydney’s must-visit destinations for eating and drinking,” with its unique mix of Victorian architecture, Portuguese culture, and trendy spots.

The redevelopment of Petersham RSL is driven by a strategic partnership between the club, Sydney Inner West Council, and the esteemed local developer, Deicorp. This collaboration aims to transform multiple blocks of adjoining land owned by the club into a modern, multi-functional space. Extensive surveys conducted among club members, potential members, and the wider community have shaped the design, ensuring the new facilities meet the needs and desires of the community. The old club site was demolished as part of Phase III of the redevelopment, further enhancing the club's facilities and services.

The new Petersham RSL experience is set to excite the multicultural local community in this inner-western suburb. After over three years of planning and design, construction is nearly complete, with the official opening just months away. In 2019, the Petersham board and membership approved Red’s concept design. At the time, CEO Danny Fitzgerald expressed his delight, saying, “We are extremely delighted by the ability of Red to create a superior solution that supports our aspirations.” The design draws inspiration from Mediterranean styles of architecture and interior design.

This redevelopment project is poised to become a cornerstone in Petersham. With modern facilities, a strong emphasis on community engagement, and strategic partnerships, the project ensures the club's long-term success while contributing to the dynamic and vibrant lifestyle that makes Petersham one of Sydney's most sought-after neighborhoods.

Developer: Deicorp
Architects: Red

Photos by Deicorp x Red Architects

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