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Goldfish & Bay is delighted to announce our involvement in The Rothschild Development, a prestigious project located in Rosebery. This venture represents a significant milestone for our company as we deliver a comprehensive suite of engineering services for one of our valued long-term clients.

Project Vision and Design: The Rothschild Development is a unique blend of historical charm and modern urban living, situated on the outskirts of Sydney. This project is envisioned as a vibrant lifestyle destination, combining post-industrial architecture with contemporary European influences. The design, spearheaded by renowned architect Angelo Candalepas, features a Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic that adds depth and elegance to the development.

The development’s imposing, castle-like structure draws inspiration from the 17th-century French Hôtel de Beauvais in Le Marais. The meticulously landscaped courtyard, complete with a central olive grove, provides ample space for both leisure and business, fostering a sense of community and creativity.

Collaborative Efforts: Goldfish & Bay is proud to work alongside Deicorp and the esteemed architect firm Candalepas & Associates. Together, we are dedicated to crafting a bold architectural masterpiece that stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. Our engineers are committed to ensuring that The Rothschild Rosebery becomes a landmark in Sydney’s skyline, showcasing our precision and commitment to quality.

Engineering Contributions: As the leading engineering consultant on this project, Goldfish & Bay provides essential building services including:

Community Impact: The Rothschild Development is more than just a building; it is a homage to the history and character of Rosebery. Located in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, it enhances urban convenience while maintaining a deep respect for the area’s heritage. This development aligns with Deicorp’s commitment to high standards, transparency, and trustworthiness, values that resonate with our mission at Goldfish & Bay.

We are excited to see The Rothschild Rosebery come to life and contribute to shaping the future skyline of Rosebery. This project exemplifies our dedication to delivering high-quality, innovative engineering solutions that stand the test of time.

Developer & Builder: Deicorp
Architect: Candalepas Associates

Photos by Deicorp x Candalepas Associates

Goldfish and Bay

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