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Tallawong Village


Rouse Hill NSW

An exciting new retail precinct surrounded by a gorgeous village green with stylish apartments, all connected by Sydney’s new northwest Metro, is coming to life at Tallawong Village.

With a range of highly affordable, contemporary residences just steps from the Sydney Metro, Tallawong Village is the place where you can realize your dreams and establish the building blocks for a bright and ambitious future.

Goldfish & Bay is proud to provide comprehensive services for this landmark project. Our team is delivering all-encompassing design and engineering solutions, ensuring that Tallawong Village meets the highest standards of quality and innovation. From mechanical and electrical systems to hydraulic and fire safety, our expertise is integral to bringing this vibrant community to fruition.

Join us in celebrating the creation of Tallawong Village, where modern living meets convenience and opportunity.

Developer: Deicrop
Design: TURNER

Photos by Deicorp x TURNER

Goldfish and Bay

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