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The Bob Hawke Brewery

Hawke's Brewing Co.


The Hawke’s Beer and Leisure Centre is a one-of-a-kind brewery and taproom located in Sydney’s Inner West. Co-partnered with legendary former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, the dream of owning a brewery became a reality for two fellow Australians. The venue uniquely offers a public bar, mezzanine level bar, outdoor patio area, pool room, Bob Hawke photo and memorabilia gallery, and the fully licensed Lucky Prawn Chinese-Australian bistro.

Goldfish & Bay, in collaboration with BSK Projects, worked with Hawke’s Brewing Co. from the initial stages of the venture, providing project management and design management services. Given the location and space constraints, several challenges arose during the project. The most complex task was placing the brewery and associated high loads onto a mezzanine level while ensuring structural integrity.

During the design phase, Benedikt’s architectural expertise was invaluable in finalizing plans for some of the tight spaces. The venue is located in a flood zone, which added a unique set of restrictions, compounded by construction occurring during COVID lockdowns.

Clever planning saw the project delivered under two Development Applications (DAs), one for the brewery and the other for the taproom. BSK’s experience helped align the overall budget, manage trade tenders and contracts, communicate challenges and variations with key stakeholders, and keep all trades accountable, ensuring a smooth program.

The hands-on approach taken by BSK Projects fostered a strong working relationship, culminating in the brewery opening on time and within budget, celebrated with a beer or two on opening day.

Developer: Hawke’s Brewing Co.
Design: H&E Architects
PM: BSK Projects
Completed: 2022

Photos by BSK Projects x Hawke’s Brewing Co.

Goldfish and Bay

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