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Burwood Chinatown

Basalt Studio


Goldfish & Bay has secured an exciting opportunity to be part of Burwood Chinatown re-development in Burwood, where services are being provided for one of our clients.

In 2017, Basalt Studio embarked on the Burwood Chinatown project, located at 127 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW, with a vision to rejuvenate the Murray Arcade shopping center. This endeavor focused on urban design and included 3D visualizations to bring the concept to life.

Spanning 5000sqm of trade space, the project expanded from 45 to 85 tenancies by the end of 2017, transforming underused areas into a bustling hub of curated shops and venues.

Burwood Chinatown's design revolves around creating a vibrant dining precinct that serves as the heart of the community. Laneways act as an urban pantry, while numerous restaurants and food vendors serve as the dining room, and the streets become the living room. This layout fosters human connection and engages city inhabitants in a shared space.

As part of the revitalization efforts, the public area at the base of Burwood's high-density apartments was reimagined to offer a magical gathering spot for residents to unwind and dine outdoors.

The project reflects a cultural and generational shift, where traditional household functions are reinterpreted in a global city context. Residents now frequent restaurants and street food vendors for dining experiences, creating a vibrant culinary scene.

A primary goal of the project was to revitalize overlooked city spaces by creating memorable food-centric experiences. For example, the transformation of Clarendon Place alleyway into a lively hawker's market has not only increased foot traffic but also enhanced safety for pedestrians.

Developer: Basalt Studio
Design: URBAN LINK Architects

Photos by Basalt Studio

Goldfish and Bay

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