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Meet the Team Q&A with Steven Osmo - Senior Hydraulic Engineer

This week, we're excited to spotlight Steve, our Senior Hydraulic Engineer, known for his extensive expertise and enthusiasm. Steve shares his journey into hydraulic engineering, beginning with his childhood curiosity about water systems, leading to a career enriched by significant projects and innovative solutions. 📝🎙️

Q1: Hi Steve! Tell us, what sparked your interest in hydraulic engineering and how did you embark on this career path?

Steve: Hey there! My interest in hydraulic engineering started with my fascination with water dynamics as a child. This led me to pursue a Plumbing Diploma IV, where I delved deeper into the science of hydraulic systems, eventually steering my career toward hydraulic engineering.

Q2: With 15 years in hydraulic building services, you must have seen the industry evolve. What are the latest trends that excite you most for the future of hydraulic engineering?

Steve: The advancement of smart technologies in water management systems excites me tremendously. From sensor-based monitoring to automated controls, these innovations have the potential to revolutionize our approach to hydraulic engineering. I’m particularly intrigued by the possibilities of integrating artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize water usage and preempt potential issues.

Q3: On a lighter note, what's something about hydraulic engineering that most people wouldn't expect or know about? Any fun facts to share?

Steve: One fun fact is that hydraulic engineering isn't just about water! While water systems are a significant part of what we do, hydraulic engineers also work with other fluids like oil and air in various industrial applications. Remember, it’s not all about H2O!

Q4: What advice would you give to aspiring hydraulic engineers looking to make their mark in the industry?
Steve: Never stop learning, remain curious, and seek out challenging opportunities. This field is incredibly diverse, with endless possibilities for innovation and growth. Remember, success in hydraulic engineering isn’t just about technical expertise—it’s also about effective communication, collaboration, and a passion for making a positive impact.

Q5: Lastly, beyond your professional pursuits, what's one hobby or interest of yours that you're passionate about and why?

Steve: Outside of work, I’m passionate about diving into the world of swimming and grooving to funky tunes on the dance floor. These activities bring immense joy and creativity, serve as a fantastic way to unwind, and help me connect with friends, creating memorable experiences that inspire me both personally and professionally.

Thank you, Steve, for sharing your insights and experiences with us today. Your dedication to excellence and your wealth of knowledge in hydraulic engineering are truly inspiring!






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