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Meet Youssef Touma, whose journey into engineering is characterized by a deep passion and unwavering dedication.

From an early age, Youssef was intrigued by the complexities of infrastructure and construction, setting him on a path to explore and contribute significantly to the field.

A notable aspect of Youssef's background is his experience in onsite plumbing, which sharpened his attention to detail and underscored the importance of effective communication. These skills are crucial in engineering, where precision and collaboration are essential for success.

Youssef excels at balancing academic and professional responsibilities through effective time management and strategic prioritization. Guided by mentors like Fadi Taouk, he has developed strong problem-solving abilities and leadership qualities.

His involvement in key projects reflects his commitment to excellence and highlights the importance of teamwork and adaptability in complex engineering tasks. Beyond professional achievements, Youssef is passionate about creating sustainable solutions that positively impact communities and drive innovation.

His journey, marked by curiosity, resilience, and dedication, serves as an inspiration to aspiring engineers and leaves a lasting impact on the profession.


Q1: Hi Youssef, tell us how has your background in onsite plumbing influenced your approach to engineering projects?

Youssef: My plumbing background has greatly influenced my approach to engineering. It taught me the importance of precision and clear communication, as every detail matters and there is no room for misunderstandings. I apply these principles to my engineering work, ensuring that every aspect is meticulously planned and executed.

Q2: What key lessons have you learned from your involvement in projects like Westmead Lot 4 and Melrose Park Town Centre?

Youssef: These projects have taught me the value of teamwork and adaptability. Collaborating with professionals from various engineering disciplines demonstrated the power of collective effort. We encountered challenges, but by thinking creatively and working together, we were able to overcome them. These experiences reinforced my passion for engineering and the excitement of solving complex problems.

Thank you for sharing your valuable insights and experiences with us! Your journey and dedication are truly inspiring. We eagerly anticipate your continued contributions to Goldfish & Bay and the broader engineering field. Here's to your future achievements and the bright impact you will undoubtedly continue to make!


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