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Meet Antonia Azar, our dedicated and dynamic Office Administrator and Personal Assistant to the Managing Director at Goldfish & Bay.

With a bachelor’s degree in HR Management and a Certificate II in Business Administration, Antonia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.

Antonia's career began right after high school at her aunt’s accounting office, where she quickly learned the essentials of office management, communication, and organisation. This foundation paved the way for her first administrative position at an engineering firm in Sydney, where she acquired valuable insights into the construction industry and the administrative side of engineering projects. After two productive years, Antonia joined Goldfish & Bay, contributing her business administration expertise to our growing company.

What Antonia Loves About Her Role at Goldfish & Bay:

"What I appreciate most about my role at Goldfish & Bay is the people. The team here is incredibly supportive and dedicated. Everyone takes accountability for their work, which fosters a collaborative and productive environment. It's inspiring to see the company's rapid growth and to be part of that journey. The culture here encourages continuous learning and development, which motivates me to give my best every day," says Antonia.

Fun and Personal Q&A:

Do you have any interesting facts about yourself?

Antonia: I love going to concerts and listening to live music. It's a great way to relieve stress and have fun.

What’s your favorite sweet treat or snack?

Antonia: Plain vanilla cheesecake is my go-to!

Can you share a memorable or funny moment from your time at Goldfish & Bay?

Antonia: Monday morning meetings and Fadi's motivational talks are highlights of my week. They add a boost of energy to start the workweek.

What’s your favorite activity to do with your family and friends?

Antonia: Watching movies and playing board games with my competitive family and friends bring joy and excitement to my personal life.

What personal qualities do you value most in yourself?

Antonia: I take pride in my dedication to my role, a quality that is evident in everything I do at Goldfish & Bay.

Antonia Azar’s journey is a testament to the importance of dedication and continuous learning. Her role at Goldfish & Bay is crucial, and her enthusiasm and commitment are truly inspiring. We're thrilled to have Antonia as part of our team, contributing to our shared success and growth.


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