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Meet Shayan Aski, Electrical Section Manager at Goldfish & Bay

Join us for our Friday Q&A session to learn about Shayan's journey, his inspiring career, and his passion for electrical engineering.

Q1: Shayan, could you share the journey that led you to become the Electrical Section Manager at Goldfish & Bay?

Shayan: My interest in electronics began aboard a merchant ship, where my father worked as a radio officer. I was only four when I watched him repair circuit boards, igniting my curiosity. After high school, I pursued Electrical Engineering and a Diploma in Practice. In 2015, I began my career in building services design, realizing the impact I could have on various communities. Joining Goldfish & Bay, I lead electrical projects, driven by a passion for excellence and innovation.

Q2: What inspired you to specialize in electrical engineering?

Shayan: Electricity is everywhere—it powers our homes, facilitates global communication, and is essential in transportation and data centers. Its versatility and importance in daily life inspired me to pursue a career in electrical engineering.

Q3: Could you share a standout project or accomplishment from your career?

Shayan: Throughout my career, I've tackled pioneering projects, each offering unique challenges and innovation opportunities. A standout is designing a highly energy-efficient commercial building in Sydney CBD. We achieved this through an advanced lighting and motorized blind system, seamlessly integrated with the Building Management System and mechanical systems. Collaborating closely with engineers and manufacturers, we developed a control system optimizing natural and artificial lighting, making it an iconic structure in Sydney's skyline.

Q4: Beyond your professional endeavors, we've heard about your passion for mentoring aspiring engineers. What drives you to invest in the next generation of talent?

Shayan: Mentoring aspiring engineers is a fulfilling endeavor that allows me to pay forward the knowledge and experience I've gained throughout my career. I am driven by a desire to nurture talent and foster innovation, ultimately contributing to the continued advancement of our industry.

Q5: As an Electrical Section Manager, what vision do you hold for the future of electrical engineering, and how do you strive to realize this vision?

Shayan: My vision for electrical engineering prioritizes sustainability, innovation, and inclusivity. I advocate for integrating renewable energy, embracing technological advancements, and promoting diversity within the field. This aligns with current trends that encourage reducing carbon footprints and moving towards fully electric buildings, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Thank you, Shayan! We are immensely proud to have you as a cornerstone of our team at Goldfish & Bay. Your unwavering dedication, expertise, and passion for excellence inspire us all. 

Here's to many more successes together!


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