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Introducing Mahsa Salout, our distinguished Hydraulic Engineer at Goldfish & Bay!

With expertise blending academic prowess and practical skills, Mahsa's journey showcases commitment and innovative solutions in hydraulic engineering.

Join us for Friday's Q&A to explore her insights and experiences!

Q1: Mahsa, your journey into hydraulic engineering sounds like a thrilling adventure! Could you walk us through the pivotal moments and decisions that led you to become the esteemed Hydraulic Engineer at Goldfish & Bay?

Mahsa: Ever since I was young, buildings have fascinated me, igniting a passion for engineering. After earning my B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, I pursued an M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering, and I'm now working on another M.Sc. in Structural Engineering. During my first master's, my interest in road drainage led me to specialize in hydraulic engineering. My diverse engineering background enriches my perspective, and my relentless drive for innovation brought me to Goldfish & Bay.

Q2: What inspired your specialization in hydraulic engineering?

Mahsa: Growing up in Iran, facing water shortages, instilled a deep respect for water conservation. Managing water effectively, be it in drainage systems or flood protection, motivated my specialization in hydraulic engineering.

Q3: Your academic achievements are commendable. How do you balance studies and professional responsibilities?

Mahsa: Balancing studies and work demands effective time management. Goldfish & Bay's supportive environment fosters continuous learning, allowing me to excel in both realms.

Q4: Tell us about your intriguing research on subway system usage by the elderly.

Mahsa: Our study delves into barriers faced by the elderly in using subway systems, emphasizing factors like mental satisfaction and facility coverage. Analyzing data from Tehran, we propose improvements to enhance elderly subway usage.

Q5: Beyond your profession, we've heard about your knack for baking. Care to share your passion for cakes?

Mahsa: Baking serves as my personal retreat, allowing me to unleash creativity and reflect on personal aspirations. Despite a busy schedule, I find solace in experimenting with cakes, infusing joy into my life.

Q6: What drives you to continually push the boundaries of your field?

Mahsa: My drive stems from a desire to make a meaningful impact in civil engineering, especially in fostering a more sustainable future. With each endeavor, I strive to contribute to innovation and resilience in our infrastructure.

Mahsa Salout epitomizes dedication and innovation in hydraulic engineering, shaping a brighter, more sustainable future, one project at a time.

Thank you, Mahsa! We are incredibly proud to have you on board as a vital part of our company. Your dedication, expertise, and passion for innovation in hydraulic engineering inspire us all. Here's to many more successes together!


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