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We are delighted to announce Paul Debattista's promotion to the esteemed role of Associate at Goldfish and Bay!

Over the past four years, Paul has been an integral member of the Goldfish & Bay team, contributing a wealth of hands-on experience and invaluable knowledge. His dedication and remarkable contributions have played a pivotal role in our continued success and growth, making this promotion a testament to his outstanding achievements.

Paul's impressive credentials speak volumes about his expertise in the field of fire protection engineering. With a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and memberships in various prestigious organizations like the Institution of Engineers Australia and the Hydraulic Consultants Association of Australia, Paul is recognized as a leader in his field.

Specializing in Fire Systems Design, Paul's proficiency in documenting and auditing critical components, from Fire Sprinklers to Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems, is unparalleled. His commitment to upholding the highest standards establishes him as a trusted authority in fire protection engineering.

In his previous role as the Fire Services Section Manager, Paul consistently demonstrated excellence in ensuring the safety and security of built environments and oversaw training and upskilling within the fire services department, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development.

As he transitions into the new role as Associate, we have full confidence that Paul will continue to excel and make invaluable contributions to our team.

Join us in congratulating Paul on this significant achievement!

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