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We are pleased to announce another milestone in our team's growth — the well-deserved promotion of Alex Raad to the position of Associate.

With over six years of invaluable experience in the industry, Alex has been one of the key contributors to Goldfish & Bay's ongoing success and expansion.

Bringing a wealth of expertise as a Project Lead, Alex holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours and a Bachelor of Business (Finance) from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He is also certified as a Design and Building Practitioner, a Green Star Accredited Professional, and an Associate Member of the Hydraulic Consultants Association of Australia (HCAA), showcasing his dedication and proficiency in the field.

Alex's journey in the engineering sector initially focused on civil and stormwater infrastructure before seamlessly transitioning into the Building Services sector. He has demonstrated his ability to apply his comprehensive understanding of the industry across various key projects spanning commercial, residential, retail, entertainment, and education sectors.

With exceptional communication skills and adeptness as a multidisciplinary project lead, Alex's extensive experience and strong educational foundation make him a valuable asset in steering projects to success across the engineering landscape.

Join us in extending warm congratulations to Alex on his well-deserved promotion to Associate! We look forward to witnessing his continued leadership within the team and anticipate his further growth in the realm of engineering.

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