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Raymond Khattar: Leading Innovation in BIM at Goldfish & Bay

We are pleased to introduce Raymond Khattar, our esteemed BIM Section Manager, renowned for his expertise in advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) practices.

Specializing in hydraulic, fire, and structural systems, Raymond is recognized for his proficiency in creating sophisticated and accurate digital representations.

His role extends to BIM Execution Planning, where he strategically plans and implements BIM processes throughout project lifecycles. Raymond's skills also encompass the development of Revit Families, contributing to the creation of detailed and standardized components within the BIM environment.

In addition to his modeling capabilities, Raymond excels in coordinating building services to ensure seamless integration and functionality. His commitment to identifying and resolving potential clashes early in the design and construction phases is evident through his proficiency in Clash Detection Reporting via Navisworks.

Raymond is adept at utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as BIM360 Model Management for effective collaboration and project control. With his project management skills, he plays a pivotal role as a leader in the BIM domain.

Raymond Khattar's academic achievements include a Certificate IV in Structural Design and a TVET Certificate II in Construction, underscoring his dedication to both theoretical and practical aspects of the industry. Additionally, he holds a First Aid Certificate, emphasizing his commitment to safety and well-being in the workplace.

As our BIM Section Manager, Raymond brings a wealth of experience and technical acumen, making significant contributions to the efficient and collaborative execution of building projects.



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